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My First Post Google History-An Introduction

Introduction to first post and blog::
       This is my first post as a blogger and you know as this is my first blog and first post , this blog and post is extremely important to me as I'm expecting a good start for my writing career.I have many choices to write about but I have choose to write about my favorite site Google.Whose each and every move , change does make impact on my life because I'm fan of this site.So please on my this very first post comment and tell me about how I'm writing which will help me to improve and write better.So please don't ignore it and tell me freely about my writing .Because you not just me but also Google is also NOTHING WITHOUT YOU.

Google Logo
Google Inc. Logo
What Is Google And Why To Use It ?
          Google is a website which helps you to get what you want.Its simple - today on internet billion of pages are there and every day thousands and lacks of pages are added to it.every month 10 lack websites are added to web and such are increasing every day.In these billions of web pages Google helps you to get that page what you are interested in.Now consider that there is not a single search engine is there in the world and you want to get information about a product or place.What will you do then,you can't just find appropriate information that you want about that place or product cause you don't have URL of all sites which will help you to know what you want.Here Google work starts and it show you those what you want when you search a query about it on it.From those billions of pages it show you results that will help you to get what you are interested in.

History Of Google::
             In 1995 founders of this great site Larry Page(at 22) and Sergey Brin met each other at Stanford University.Google beagan to work from January 1996.It was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page as they were working on college research project at University of Stanford at Stanford (California).In this project they worked on creating such a computer program (in computing language called as "Web Crawler") which they named "BackRub" , as it gives or finds value of each page of website based on no of linkes to that page.This BackRub estimated the value of each page or importance of each page on the basis of sites other sites linking to that site , title tag of that page , using relative keyword on that page , internal links to that page etc.This new type of process used to to rank the search results named as "Pagerank".This search engine later named as Google as misspelling of the word "googol" (Note: "Googol it is a maths term which is used to indicate a number followed by 100 zeroes."). When it was founded at that time ran on Stanford University server with web address "". But after that it was registered with name "" on 15 Sept. 1997. Google's first office was located at there friends named Susan Wojcicki's garage at Menlo Park , California.

Google History-First Office
Google's First Office at 232 Santa Margarita, Menlo Park.

Financing and funding for Google::
     For Google first funding introduced by Sun Co-Founder Andy Bechtolsheim when he writes a check of US$ 100,000 even before Google was incorporated.Venture Capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital were major investors for Google with funding of 25 million.

Market domination and success::
      Google's ace for dominating market is Google Search the most popular and unbeatable Google product.There is no challenger to Google Search in today's market.It's all because of its accuracy , user friendly nature , fast reaction etc.It also dominated the internet with its different product including Google+,Google Earth,Google Book,Youtube,Google Image Search,Android etc.Today Its area served is worldwide about 196 countries uses Google including search in each countries own language support.Currently its headquarter  is situated at Googleplex , Mountain View , California , United States.
             This is what I'm trying to write about my favorite company Google Inc. In my very first article I have ever writen in my life and it will continued in future soon.Hope you enjoyed reading this.I'm trying to improve my writing skill and getting more and more knowledge about Google and to publish it here.Tell me how do you found this article please tell me by commenting below. Thank's for reading.

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