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How Does Google Make Money Part-1 From 4 Major Advertising Sources | Google Ads Study | HGSW | How Google Search Work

  How Does Google Earn Money Via Advertising (Text , Banner ,Video Ads )

       From last some days I was trying to find sources from which Google makes its money in Billions of dollars.Absolutely the major source is Advertising and selling its related services.In this article I will cover its advertising sources by which it makes income money (Such as AdWords , AdSense , AdMob etc.).In 2012 Google made USD $42.5 billion.From this article I got idea In deep how Google make it possible to make Billions from small text and banner ads.Here this is my Google as Study.I found Its answer is at Google homepage, at bottom of that page there is link "Advertising Programs" click on it.There it is at top right side of that page answer of my question ::

Google Ads Types
    Google shows 4 types of major ads there on its network and advertisers pay Google for these type of ads and Google makes lot of money of these small ads.It has major four types of ads:
  1. Search Ads 
  2. Display Ads 
  3. Mobile Ads
  4. Video & Youtube Ads              
         These types of ads are shown by major 7 sevices of online Google advertising network.These are given below but there are only major services that I've listed.

Major online advertising services by Google are:

  1)Google AdSense:

  2)Google Adwords:


  3)Google AdMob:

   4)Google DoubleClick:

    5)AdSense for Youtube & VideoAds:

      Now know about above Google online ad-services and types of ads as major point of view::


      1)Google Search Advertising::

        These Google search ads are shown via one of Google advertising service Google AdWords it is one of the main advertising product by Google.It is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) type of ad.For publishing ads advertisers have to choose "keyword" first.That keyword means the a word or phrase which will suite to your service,product or thing which you have to advertise.Now below screen shot is example of search type of ads.In that screenshot I have searched "Buy Mobile" query,before those conventional results at top side of page and at right side of page that red boundary area are Google AdWord search ads.The  ads which are there in that red marked area have used "Buy Mobile" or just "Mobile" keyword if you search "Buy Mobile" query you will see those ads related to keyword "Buy Mobile" or just "Mobile".I think now you have rough ideas about Google searched ads.

Google Search Advertising Adwords
    Now see in that below screenshot of single ad see that "Buy Mobile" keyword is in bold form its main keyword.In those ads title consist of 25 characters and below it two additional description lines upto 35 characters,below it there are 3 to 4 links also.Its format is fixed and comes with only two type at top/bottom of search results generally sizing 512*91 px or at right side of results with height 88 px and width extended upto 471 px.This is what pattern of such ads.

This is all about Google searched advertising.Now we will see next type of Google's advertising service that is Display Ads.

2)Display Ads::

     As name indicates these are displayed on realted content web pages.If your ad is is about "Sports Shoes" then it probably shown on site with subject
Sports , Fitness ,Sporting magazine related news site etc.By such accurate placement of ads right people gets right things that they want so adsense is so successful.
      These display ads are shown by 3 main ways , that are 

          a)Text Ads

          b)Image and Multimedia Ads

          c)Link Units

a)Text Ads:

      These text ads are same as the ads of searched ads same construction of ads , same position of title of ads , same 25 characters in title and 35 characters in description.But what the difference is they does not appear on searching the term , they displayed on the related content websites.Also there sizes are not fixed here , they can vary and change according to needs of that advertisers.

                     One of the example of text type of display ads (728*90)px

It may come in following sizes and types:

  • Leaderboard (728 * 90)px
  • Large leaderboard (970 * 90)px
  • Banner (468 * 60)px
  • Half Banner (234 * 60)px
  • Button (125 * 125)px
  • Wide Skyscraper (160 * 600)px
  • Skyscraper (120 * 600)px
  • Small Rectangle (180 * 150)px
  • Vertical Banner (120  *  240)px
  • Large Skyscraper (300  *  600)px
  • Medium Rectangle (300 * 250)px
  • Large Rectangle (336 * 280)px
  • Small Square (200 * 200)px
  • Square (250 * 250)px                 

Also these ads does not have links at there base there are in searched ads.

b)Image And Multimedia Ads:

     These type of ads can be any animated or just image or flash type of rich media ads.These are one of favorite and most chosen by the Google advertisers.All these ads standard  are maintained by Google.It must be noted that all types of Google ads does not open in the new tab except flash type of rich media display ads.These can be in .jpg , .gif or .swf form of files.

One of the example of image type of display ads (728*90) px

It may come in following sizes and types:

  • Leaderboard (728 x 90)px
  • Banner (468 x 60)px
  • Large leaderboard (970 x 90)px
  • Skyscraper (120x600)px
  • Wide Skyscraper (160x600)px
  • Large Skyscraper (300 x 600)px
  • Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)px
  • Large Rectangle (336 x 280)px
  • Small Square (200 x 200)px
  • Square (250 x 250)px

c)Link Units:

      These link units type of ads are just 2-3 words describing the product which have to advertise.There is no description area in it.These main 2-3 keywords are linked to advertisers page.It can have only 3-4 links in one bunch of ad.

One of the example of link unit type of ad (468*15) px

It may come in following sizes and types:

  • Displays 3 links (120x90)px  
  • Displays 3 links (160x90)px
  • Displays 3 links (180x90)px
  • Displays 3 links (200x90) px
  • Displays 4 links (468x15) px
  • Displays 4 links (728x15) px

3)Mobile Ads:
        This is the 3rd type of Google ads , as day by day use of internet on mobile is also growing in that way advertising on mobile is also gaining important so for that reason Google also started mobile advertising service.
AdMob and AdWord do handle the world of mobile advertising in case of  Google. AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising platforms by Google and it serve more than 40 billion mobile banner and text ads per month across mobile Web sites and handset applications. AdSense for mobile content  and websits allows there webmasters and publishers to generate earnings from their mobile types of websites by using targeted Google ads.Int hese type of ads Google matches advertisements to the content of a website and  ads are shown on that related  mobile website.

These mobile ads are different for mobiles with Android, iOS, and other devices with full HTML browsers and mobiles with just WAP browsers.

  • Mobile Ads for mobiles with Android, iOS, and other devices with full HTML browsers:

     Mobile Text ads                                                      Mobile Image Ads


Mobile text type of ad Small Square(200x200)      Mobile image type of ad Small Square(200x200)

Both image and text ads may comes in same size as below:
  • Leaderboard (320x50)
  • Small Square (200x200)
  • Square (250x250)
  • Medium Rectangle (300x250)

  • Mobile Ads for mobiles with just WAP browsers:

Mobile Text Ads :

 These ads are only of one two two line and so big.It has maximum two links and also 2-3 characters heading/title.The ad show in left is one of its example.The size of such ads is fixed.

Mobile Image Ads :
 These ads are in somewhat fixed ration such as 6:1 Aspect Ratio or 4:1 Aspect Ration.Only one image can appear at a time on page and below that image there is target url / liknk is placed.The ad shown in left is one of its example.

4)Video & Youtube Ads:

      As display , mobile and search types of ads are growing in that manner video ads are also getting importance.Website such as Youtube , Vimeo , Dailymotion are growing in furious way.Google has such video ads deals in form of Youtube.According to Youtube - 

  • Over 4 billion videos viewed every day, a 50% increase over 2010
  • More than 60 hours of video is uploaded every minute, a 37% increase over the last 6 months
  • More than 400 million views per day on mobile devices, tripling in the past year
So by taking those stats in mind video ads are  reaching to top of its popularity.

Four types of ads are there on Youtube in case are as follow:

a)TrueView in-stream Ads:

 -Such of ads are played on youtube player before , after or between videos we see on youtube.
-We can skip those ad videos in 5 sec after it starts
-Advertisers to Google if we watch that ad video for more than 30 sec or full video.
-The image is one of the example of such ad.

b)TrueView in-search Ads:

-These ads appear in promoted type of section at top positions of searched results.
-If we choose to play this video then that advertiser pay to Google for that action.
-In that image i've searched the keyword "Champions Trophy" , so resultant and related ad to that keyword is there in red shaded area.

c)TrueView in-display ads:

-These ads occur at same time when we are seeing or playing video at right side of that video.
-When we play that related video Google get paid by that advertisers.
-The red shaded are is example of such ad.

d)TrueView in-slate Ads:

-These ads are shown before Youtube ads which are of 10 min or longer.
-When we choose to watch one of three ads or see regular commercial breaks during their video instead at that time Google get its revenue increased.

Such are the small views and clicks made by us with which Google makes Billions of Dollars.That's what my study says , you must show if i'm wrong somewhere or missed calculating few thing and also your suggestion to me by commenting below.All money matter part-1 end here wait for second one which is coming soon.Thanks for reading.


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